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What Does an Outsourced CMO Do?

March 1, 2018


An outsourced CMO brings a world of benefits to all kinds of businesses of every size. But not many entrepreneurs with small businesses understand what they are. So we asked outsourced CMO Raj Prasad to explain what he does and how an outsourced CMO works. 


They give constructive feedback


An outsourced CMO interacts with the owner of the company or C-level executives on the company's marketing plan. They listen to their concerns and see if they’re on the right track. A lot of small business are autonomous, and design and implement their own marketing campaigns using different tools of promotion. But they don’t necessarily know how to tie it all together.


That's where an outsourced CMO comes in. They give feedback on the plan and give you the finishing touches. "We give tips," says Raj. "We sit around and we look at what you’re currently doing. And we’re not going to come in and tell you everything you’re doing is wrong, and if we do you should fire us, we come in and we look at what you’re doing and we figure out ways to make it better."


An outsourced CMO brings experience


Marketing is an outsourced CMO's expertise. It's what they're really good at. They don't become one without years and years of experiences in marketing with different businesses. Because of their vast experience and skills, they can see things business owners and managers can't. They help you finish the picture, put in things that you didn't know you needed, and look at what your business needs moving forward from a marketing perspective. 


They don't force business owners to do anything and merely convey their opinion and advice. It’s no different than working with a CPA, an accountant, a lawyer, a doctor, or any kind of specialist. An outsourced CMO has been doing this their whole career and has helped other companies before you which is why their tips and feedback is usually the best you're getting.



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