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Outsourced CMO Tips: Setting Small Business Marketing Goals

March 2, 2018


No matter how big or small your business is you need a good marketing strategy. Small businesses need to define marketing goals that will help them connect with their target audience. Based on those marketing goals, they can then create a strategy that will set the business's future direction.


Keep your content consistent


A consistent marketing plan is what every small business should be working on. Remember that old saying "Out of sight, out of mind"? Well that is absolutely true in the business world. There’s a reason why so many companies are constantly updating their Facebook posts, doing PR or sending press releases. They’re keeping their name out there so they don’t fall out of the public eye.


The second you disappear, there’s an opportunity for competition to step in. Brand loyalty can only get you so far. Even though brand juggernauts like McDonald's and Pepsi have a loyal customer base, they still spend millions and millions of dollars in building their brand and holistic marketing activities. It is only because of consistent marketing over many decades that they are established companies which won't be budged out of their market share by the competition.


Take action well ahead of time


Outsourced CMO Raj Prasad says, "One thing I’ve seen over and over again in my 20-year career is companies coming to me when everything is horrible. When sales are down and the company’s in trouble. That's when they’re like 'Oh my God, I need to do advertising.' And so they’ll throw me $50,000, a $100,000, $200000 but they need sales in the next 30 days which is impossible."


Marketing results take time. It's rare to see results within the same month you implement your marketing goals. You need to be patient and stay consistent. If you want leads in July, then start working on your marketing in March. 


Marketing costs are flexible

In today’s digital age, marketing plans don’t have to cost thousands of dollars a month. With so many online tools and resources, you can gain significant traffic organically through Search Engine Optimization (SEO). You can either do it yourself or save time spent figuring it out and hire an outsourced CMO instead. They can devise a marketing budget that is scalable depending on how much money you have to spend.



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