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Outsourced CMO Tips: 3 Content Sources for Social Media and Blogs

March 2, 2018


Content marketing is a very new and exciting field. Companies and individuals that have built up an audience need a steady flow of content to keep people coming. But sometimes even the most creative marketer and outsourced CMO runs out of ideas. However, there are some great content sources to pull ideas and information from to maintain a steady flow.


1. You


The reason you're selling something is because you're an expert. Whether it's a product, service, idea or information, people come to you because you know what you're doing. Establish yourself as an expert and share what you know - share your knowledge and experiences. If you had an interesting customer today or are working on a new project, write a blog on it or make a video or podcast talking about it. Make a list of all the unique things you know and note common questions asked by customers, and then turn it into content.


2. News


Keeping in touch with the latest updates and trends in your industry gives you something to talk about. Share your opinion on a recent acquisition or new regulations. Tweeting your thoughts on a news article keeps both your audience updated and your feed constant. News will never stop coming, so make it a weekly thing to share or comment on a recent story.


3. Social Media


One great way to feed your social media profile with content is to recycle content from the community. Be sure to give credit by tagging the person you're reposting from. Instagram beauty star HudaBeauty has over 26 million followers on Instagram where a large majority of her posts are reposts from other beauty bloggers. It benefits both her and the people she reposts and gives her a never-ending stream of content to post.


4. Answer questions


People are asking questions all the time now. You can find endless questions on social media and forums online. Some popular places where people are asking for help and information are Quora, Reddit, and Yahoo Answers. Take an hour a day and engage with those people, leaving a link to your website at the end of your answer. Or write a blog answering their questions and link that blog to the forum discussing the problem.





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