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Outsourced CMO Social Media Predictions for 2018

February 20, 2018



When you've been working in marketing since before the rise of social media, you start to pick up on patterns and become a fortune teller on what's to come. Outsourced CMO Raj Prasad shared his predictions for social media trends and usage in 2018.


Less people will use social media


"If you were to ask me my true opinion on social media and where it’s going to go, I think it's the way we all know: social media is going to come to an end." 


To understand why social media's relevance is decreasing you need to look back to its beginning. People flocked towards it when it started because of the voyeuristic aspect of it. It was that cool new thing everybody was exploring and having fun with. And the novelty of it didn't fade for years. But with time people became more aware of the surveillance aspect of it. 


News reports on how tech giants like Google and Facebook have an unprecedented amount of data on each user scared people. No matter how open somebody is with sharing their life on social media, they like to know they're in control. Not being able to control what data is being recorded and where it goes has made many people uneasy about it. The Big Brother jokes and FBI memes all come from a very real place and discourage a lot of people from posting and interacting with other posts. 


Social media will grow to be an information source


"Social media is going to be less user-generated content but more of an informational source. I think this is the year where social media becomes more like TV and radio where people go to it to pull information rather than to push information into."


Because less people are posting to their Facebook and Twitter pages, feeds are getting dominated by news and brands. The large number of users glued to their social media apps combined with less content coming from actual people has created a vacuum for content. Big name brands know this and are plugging professional content into their social media accounts.


Social media will replace TV and newspapers as the primary source of information. 





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