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Outsourced CMO Tips: Social Media Management for Small Businesses

February 15, 2018


Social media management is an art. It’s done differently for different kinds of businesses from different industries. But the difference in managing social media is more prominent between small and big enterprises.


Small businesses are trying to attract customers, while big companies are maintaining theirs. Both require a different approach to connecting with their audience, which is why small businesses shouldn’t imitate larger firms, but should instead focus on creating a connection and telling people why they’re unique.


Let people know your value


Identify what your business’s value is and share it. If it’s a tasty burger, share an image of a customer enjoying your burger (with their permission of course!); if it’s your award-winning paintings, share a link to an article where your art was recognized; or if it’s your handmade jewelry, share a video of a necklace getting made.


Posting content that reflects the value of your products will help customers know what’s special and unique about you. People need to know who you are, and the best way to do that is through an image or link that tells people what your business is good at.


Engage with your followers


If somebody on Facebook likes or comments on a post from your business, all of their friends will automatically see it on their NewsFeed. Engage with users by asking fun questions and

responding to them in the comments.


Another way to engage is to ask customers to leave good review. Reviews are the most powerful form of marketing. Encourage people who are happy with your product to leave a few words on your Facebook page, TripAdvisor or Twitter. It will add digital authenticity to your product and push anybody visiting your page to try out your products or services.


Also, increase engagement by rewarding check-ins on Facebook and Instagram with a bonus product or service like a perfume sample or free cookie. It’s a great way to increase visibility and leave customers happy. Because after all, who isn’t happy when they get something free?




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