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Outsourced CMO Tips: 3 Facebook Strategies to Reach New Customers

December 23, 2017


Everybody and their grandmother is on Facebook today. Outsourced CMO's use Facebook as a cornerstone in digital marketing and have lots of Facebook strategies up their sleeve.


With over 2 billion people logging in every day, we don’t have to tell you how useful it can be for promoting a small business.Actually, we’re pretty sure you already have a Facebook page, so we’re just going to skip the part where we tell you to go and make one right now and share 3 effective facebook strategies.


Growing your followers on Facebook can be a slow process. It takes time and a whole lot of patience. But if you stay consistent, those few minutes it takes you to post something every single day will pay off eventually.


We’re giving you three solid ways to help you reach more people through Facebook and attract more customers.  


Boost your posts


Let’s say you have 1000 people who like your page. When you make a post, contrary to the expectation that all 1000 of your followers will see your post in their newsfeed, only a 100 people will see it.


The idea behind Facebook showing your post to only 10% of your actual audience is to gauge any possible virility in your post. If within that sample a lot of people like and comment on your post, Facebook will share it with a larger audience. One Facebook strategy to defeat that is to ask your audience to like and share your posts. Another more funner way is by posting caption contests or those relatable memes where you tag a friend. An engaged audience shows Facebook that there is quality content and they will share it with more people, even those who don’t like your page.


Another, slightly costlier, way to bypass it all is by boosting your posts. Click on the boost post button under a post you think will attract people, and you’ll instantly start seeing results. This way you can get in front of more people quicker and faster.


Use Facebook for SEO


A hidden benefit of Facebook is Search Engine Optimization (SEO). If you’re writing blogs, or any sort of content on your website, promote it on Facebook. Not for the fact that it might go viral, but for the fact that Facebook is a high-ranking PR website so the backlinks you would get off Facebook are valuable for your SEO strategy. Using Facebook to promote content will help you out in SEO.


Post events on Facebook


Think about Facebook as the new-age newspaper. If anything’s happening around you, you’re most likely to find out from your newsfeed. If you have a bar or a restaurant that hosts events, create Facebook events and share them.


A lot of people search through Facebook events to see if there’s anything interesting to do when they have the night or day off. Posting an event on Facebook is like posting in the classifieds. Use the marketplace function to broaden your audience and engage with your community.


Also, sharing events at your businesses helps with backlinking and SEO, so you get a boost in organic traffic as well by using this Facebook strategy.



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