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Outsourced CMO Tips: Marketing on a Small Budget

December 22, 2017



Marketing on a small budget is something many new businesses face in their early days. It's one of the chief reasons an outsourced CMO is consulted. For a lot of small businesses, a tight budget means doing marketing on their own without hiring the services of an outsourced CMO. While you do loose out on the benefits on bringing in somebody with experience and skills, it’s still possible to rake in leads and jumpstart your business through some marketing magic of your own.


It’s all about consistency


Consistency is key to drawing people to your business. You won’t see anything after a week of posting on social media or writing one or two blogs for your website, but you will see results after posting consistently and regularly.


Raj Prasad, principal marketing consultant at Omsoft, compares it to working out: “You don’t go to the gym for one hour and look like the Rock. The Rock looks the way he does because he’s been working out his entire life. And that’s what that guy looks like today because he worked out like an animal for pretty much his entire life. I can start today, I’ll never look like the Rock.”


Make use of digital marketing


A decade ago, the main kind of marketing a small business would do was printing brochures and handing them out. But now marketing can be free if you use digital marketing tools like social media, websites, search engine optimization and more.


Create content and post it on all your channels to let people know you’re out there. Even if nobody sees that picture of the sale you made today, they’ll see it one day – maybe next week, or maybe next year. But when they do, they’ll understand what your business does and it’s values from all the content on your site and social media pages.


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