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Blog Writing 101: Keyword Density or Content?

December 21, 2017



Anybody with basic knowledge of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) knows that blogs are key to drawing traffic, while many believe it all depends on keyword density. Regularly-updated blogs draw an audience and notify Google that your website is active. While many people realize the importance of blogs, there seems to be some confusion on what’s more important for SEO.


Keyword density or content?


At Omsoft, our answer will always be content.


Keywords matter less


In five years, keywords are no longer going to matter. In fact, their importance is beginning to diminish now. Search engines are going from an algorithmic keyword outlook to focusing on context.


Recognizing the magnetic value of keywords in Google’s previous algorithms, many websites had begun to spam their websites with keywords to rank high on Google results - aka keyword stuffing. Problem was that when people would click the link, they would find no content and just a page full of spam and the searched keyword blaring at them from every visible space.


Content is the driver


Google has largely removed keyword spamming sites by prioritizing context and quality over keyword density. The two can be determined by comments on the site, backlinks from other sites and even social media mentions. While keywords shouldn’t be prioritized in blogs, they shouldn’t be ignored either. While you can add them in the title, headings and alt tags, don’t force them into your content. A blog with a low keyword density of even less than 1% can draw enormous traffic if it has quality content.


We are starting to see that some of the keywords we use for clients have nothing to do with the traffic we’re bringing in. The traffic converts that we do get are mostly because it’s contextual. Content will always be the key driver.


Quality matters … a lot


You cannot give people awful content and expect conversions. If nobody finds the information on your site to be valuable, there won’t be anybody to stay on your website. Give them something to come back for.


Raj Prasad, outsourced CMO at Omsoft says, “If you’re an expert in your field you lose nothing by sharing your expertise. There’s an old school mentality of ‘If I build this into content, why would someone need me?’ Just because you explain something to someone on a 30,000-foot level doesn’t mean they have the knowledge now to execute at the ground level.” So share that expertise!


When creating a content strategy for your website, focus on value. Think about sharing information that’s going to have an impact on a person’s business. Because when it does, they’ll think positively of you and will come back for more.


Remember, the game is conversions. The stronger your content is, the more premium it feels, the better will be your conversion rate. When the number of people coming back to your website rises, you know you’ve got good content.




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