We boost sales in just 3 steps

Step 1: Build a Sales Pipeline


We launch all sales R&D projects from day 1 with sales strategy that are scalable. Scalable requires a sales pipeline. We use various ways to bulid these sales pipelines but the idea at launch is to have the sales process commence with highly defined and targeted sales targets. We build sales pipelines in the  following ways:



Customer cloning: We take a look at who is doing business with you now and find more people like them. We look at: Annual Revenue, Employee Size, Credit Rating and other factors when cloning potential new customers.

New verticals: We look at your product/service’s core competencies and using our marketing background figure out targeted secondary USP’s based on your competencies and the new verticals.

Step 3: Create a Hybrid Marketing and Sales Strategy

Here’s what we believe –  In the age of Social Media, a company can no longer tell a customer what their brand is. They need to show it. A sales strategy today needs to involve an integrated marketing strategy that creates a trail leading back to the sales strategy. A disconnect in story telling between the strategies can create a lost sale. We work with you to create strategy that relies heavily on all of the analytics of all digital activities to constantly evolve the strategy so it yields the best results. Some ways we create digital strategies for you: 

E-mail Marketing Strategy:  Remember the pipeline from strategy one? Well we create targeted and relevant emails and make sure you are always in contact with your customer base. 



Social Media:  We use social media to show your brand experience to potential customers. The age old expression of “People do business with People” still holds true today and there is no better way to show the people behind the business than social media. 



Blog/Article Writing:  We use blogs and articles as a way to cast a net and drive traffic to your website. It also helps potential customers see your expertise in your field. 

Step 2: Look for hidden revenue


Increasing sales within existing clients:  We are outsiders. We aren’t involved with your clients on a day to day basis, meaning we bring a completely fresh perspective. Many times we see a way of doing something in your offerings arsenal that if promoted right, can yield to additional revenue from existing clients. Sometimes it’s seeing from a new way that yields to increasing sales from your existing clients. We ask plenty of questions to know and understand your business so that we can brainstorm ways to find that hidden revenue. 



Create partnerships: We help look at your professional network in a new light. We help you identify companies you have done business with before and whom you can partner up with to create new opportunities. 

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