Our goal is to help people grow and do everything in our power to help. 
We do more with less.

How much do you charge for consulting services?

One million dollars!

Just kidding. Our rates are fair. We primarily work with small businesses, so we understand we can’t charge an arm and a leg.

How does your billing structure work?

We charge you for our hours. Hours for getting the project started, researching, contacting people.

How do you charge for negotiations?

Over the course of our lives we have negotiated media worth millions of dollars – If we do price negotiations for you, we charge a fee for that. The fee is dependent on total dollar volume we are negotiating for you

What about billing vendors?

We have vendors bill you directly We charge you for our time and any savings that you incur while we work with you, is yours. We make sure invoices look good for you to pay and verify everything for you. IF you end up working with one of our vendors, they provide us with a referral fee.

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