Have you incorporated Technology in your marketing?


When we opened our doors back in 2009 we focused our business into being a technology developer for marketing organizations. We thought at the time that people would accept the massive changes in society that smart products were bringing. However over the years we began developing our own internal technology to help small businesses incorproate tech into their marketing without it being a drain on their bottomline.

There was once a time that developing technology was an expensive and long term affair - but today things are different. We have heard of cloud computing, apps and making revenue from customers using Technology. At OmSoft we get to the crux of why a technology is important. We create products that are easy to use, easier to implement and come packing with analytics so you can keep getting better at what you're doing.

 Our Marketing Tech Beliefs

Build marketing tech that works on any device
Besides the URL make everything else dynamic
Make it so you can easily update everything
Create a strong Analytics Package
Make sure it can be used to create sales, not branding opportunities

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