" At the age of 16, I called every advertising agency in the phonebook with a cold call pitch for an internship.

Three weeks later I started my first job in advertising."

- Raj Prasad, Principal Consultant

Our Story

Quite honestly we believe that life is a lot like a football game – with very few people actually doing something and the rest just looking on as spectators.

We look for the right things to say to your customers while selling to them. We don’t create technology that is flashy or pretty – we create technology that actually makes people’s lives easier. We focus not only on use but maintenance. We identify target markets with concrete data analysis before we recommend a creative or a tactical strategy.

And most importantly, we present an application value for everything that we work on.

If we can’t help you answer the question, “Why would some give me their hard earned money to you?” 

Then we won’t waste your time.

That was 20 years ago – but our approach for making things happen has not changed. We still believe that the only way to move forward is to … move!

Omsoft Development Inc.

755 Sansome Ste. Suite 360

San Francisco, CA 94111

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